Back to Basics


Starting today, I’m going back to basics. I’m following in the footsteps of my parents and their parents before them and going into business for myself. I’m taking my years of photo experience and expanding Shoob Photography into southern California. Today marks the day Shoob Photo South starts business.

My life’s journey has taken me through many careers. I've been a photographer, a caterer, a carpenter, a designer, and a manager. However, I've constantly circled back to being a photographer, whether incorporating it to my current position such as taking pictures of theater scenery I've built or as a weekend gig,  It was a long time coming, but now is the time to go all in and say that I am, at heart, a photographer. Shoob Photo South will be my focus and it will be the best school photography business ever.

I know this transition isn't going to be easy. I’ve left my full time job to focus entirely on getting this business off the ground. I don’t have any clients lined up, and rent isn’t free. I am diligently seeking out  meetings with principals, PTAs, teachers and artist to offer them my photo services. My goal is to have 30 accounts on the books by September. Beginning with those 30 accounts, I look forward to spending my days working with schools and families to get them the best pictures they’ve ever had.

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